Pope Francis has invited us...

to be a church capable of walking at people's sides...
which accompanies them on their journey.

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Learn about accompaniment and make a pastoral plan.

Explore our pastoral tools that will help you work as a team toward this goal.

Promise and Hope The Art of Accompaniment How to Become an Accompanying Parish Walking with Jesus Creating a Culture of Encounter

Invite and Welcome

Make a special commitment to embrace hospitality.

It's more difficult than you might think to consistently reach out and make your community a welcoming one to the outsider visiting your parish. It will take work to identify your blind spots and see your parish as a visitor would.

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Accompany Week-by-Week

Help your people to integrate the Gospel into their lives each week and discuss it with others.

The Sunday lectionary readings can serve as a pulse for the Body of Christ, a regular infusion that gives us life as disciples. Make the readings an opportunity for reflection and faith sharing.

How to Lead Faith Sharing Questions of the Week Breaking Open the Word Word of the Week Mass Transit Cards

Accompany Families

Help families navigate different stages, from baptism through high school (and beyond)!

Help parents grow in their own faith and coach them to share faith with their children. This is an essential part of evangelization that we often overlook as leaders (or assume will just automatically happen). This is how we can best accompany parents and families.

After the Plunge Growing Up Catholic Sacramental Preparation Parent Conversations Faith Talk Faith on the Run

Accompany Adults

Walk with adults in age-appropriate ways, from young adulthood through senior adulthood.

Our spiritual needs and challenges differ through the different seasons of our lives. How can we best accompany adults at different steps in their discipleship journey?

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